Do you think you are suffering from gum diseases? Do you find blood on your toothbrush while brushing? Well, gum disease is one of the common oral problems faced by people across the world. A regular visit to a dentist is mandatory, especially for children and aged people.

Gum disease, which is also known as periodontal disease, comes with serious consequences. It can proceed quickly and need immediate attention. If you are really suspicious that you are suffering from gum diseases, do not ignore it.

There are 5 warning signs that can tell you it’s high time that you visit a dentist.

Receding Gums

Have you recently started feeling that your teeth appear longer than usual? This is because your gums are pulling away from the roots of your teeth. Bacterial infection is responsible for receding gum tissues. It’s an alarming bell for taking the very next appointment with a dentist.

Bleeding gums

Do you see blood on your food after biting it? Are you worried because stains of blood appear on your toothbrush or while flossing? Well, it is likely due to the bacteria build up causing Gingivitis. This is indeed the earliest stage of an oral problem called periodontitis. It should be treated immediately before it gets serious.

Tooth sensitivity

There are a number of factors responsible for dental sensitivity, but high chances are there that it is the result of gum diseases. This is because inflamed gum tissues badly expose the roots of your teeth, making it highly sensitive to the external stimuli. This exposure is harmful to the teeth and needs to be treated promptly.

Swollen or tender gums

If you find that your gums are swollen, inflamed or painful, you must see a dentist immediately. Inflammation usually occurs in the gums when they are trying to eject certain kind of harmful bacteria responsible for causing an infection. This kind of redness and swelling can wreak havoc on your bone and gums and can even lead to permanent tooth loss if not treated in time.

Persistent bad breath

Halitosis or bad breath is another big sign of gum disease. It causes the odor-causing bacteria to multiply and reproduce. So, if you feel your breath is unpleasant or there is a persistent bad taste in your mouth that’s just impossible to ignore, immediately head to the dentist.

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