SOS Online

SOS Online – Key Features

100% Online

As a completely web-based service, SOS Online is 100% online. This means that there is no syncing required. It also means that your data is always available, from any location at any time. You can use any computer or device with a web browser to access SOS Online. And, your data is always up- to-date. You have real-time visibility to all activities going on in your agency.

Dedicated Hosted Web Site

You are provided your own web site that is dedicated to your use – no one else shares this with you. Your SOS Online web site is customized for you. It includes your own company logo and your own forms. You don’t have to worry about keeping the site up and running or backing up your data. This is all done for you as part of our service.

Comprehensive Electronic Chart

SOS Online automatically builds patient charts according to your requirements. You get to determine the organization of your charts and which forms go into which sections. Once set up, forms are automatically filed into the correct locations in the charts. You can also upload offline documents or files to charts to provide a completely comprehensive set of documentation for each of your patients.

Complete Clinical Documentation

You can enter and save all your clinical documentation online using SOS Online. This includes all documentation by your RNs, PTs, OTs, STs, MSWs, HHAs, CNAs, PTAs, COTAs, and any other disciplines you might use in your agency. You can even add your own user types and provide unique forms for their use.

Automated Visit Note Posting

Using SOS Online, you can directly post visit notes to your billing system. This eliminates the manual posting of notes. It makes it easy to sort and organize your visit notes, review them, and post them as needed.

Integrated Drug Database

From your Medication Profile form, you can quickly and easily run drug interaction reports using SOS Online’s integrated drug database. This is the same type of interaction database available from online sites, such as


SOS Online includes a variety of reports on the forms and activities on your site. You can easily see how quickly your field staff is submitting documentation and how accurate it is. You will have measurable guidelines you can use to drive your business.

Integrated Form Logic

SOS Online supports integrated form logic that can be used to improve the flow of documentation and enable better process management. As an example, data on one form can be directed to automatically display on other forms.