Everybody dreams to lead a healthy life, but it is very much to live happily and stress-free when the body is caught with some disease. There are diseases which can be cured, but there are also diseases which have no cure and increase progressively with time. The disease we are talking about his Alzheimer’s disease. Many people and according to the research and work are done on Alzheimer’s disease it has been said that this disease is incurable and its impact increases with time. As the impact of Alzheimer’s disease, the person is progressively moving towards loss of memory and also the independent functioning of the body.

Patients suffer a lot due to The Alchemist disease and face extreme conditions as the disease sometimes burdensome the family members or your loved ones. Resources and test are going on, but there have been found no cure for the Alzheimer’s disease.

Medication for The Alchemist disease

As there are many resources and test works are going for the treatment and curing The Alchemist disease, but anything hasn’t come out with a miracle yet. There are some drugs which have been suggested asa temporary relief. These drugs are approved by the FDA in order to treat The  Alzheimer’s disease. Discoveries are looking forward with the help of the medical community, and they are clearly looking for the better treatments. Working on the process which is underlying the disease and also the symptoms of the disease needs to be worked on.

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