There are 4 conditions you need to meet in order to regrow gair:

  1.  Hair Follicle (without a hair follicle it is impossible to grow a hair strand)
  2.  Healthy Skin (this is like the soil for a plant!)
  3.  The right Amount of Blood Supply (QUANTITY of blood supply)
  4.  The right Quality of Blood Supply (NUTRIENT RICH blood supply)

Your hair follicle relies on the NUTRIENTS within your blood supply in order to produce a hair strand.  Hair Strands are made of keratin. Your hair follicles require protein and a combination of Amino Acids in order to create the keratin required to grow a strand of hair.

Important Amino Acids for Hair Growth

L-Arginine helps to produce keratin and helps to prevent hair loss by boosting your immune system.

L-Cysteine is a major component of keratin and this amino acid can reduce the systems of Androgenetic Alopecia (male or female pattern hair loss aka genetic hair loss)

L-Methionine is a further major element in the production of keratin.  It also helps to protect the hair follicles from stress and can help prevent hair turning grey and also it can prevent hair thinning.

L-Lysine helps to stimulate collagen to repair damaged hair. Hair follicles also require lysine to properly function. Clinical and Scientific research has proven that hair loss can be slowed and prevented with lysine supplementation and a DHT inhibitor (eg. Saw Palmetto)

Glycine i helps to produce collagen and is excellent at promoting a healthy central nervous system.

Proline  helps to produce collagen and cartilage, as well as maintaining muscle tissues which helps to reduce muscular or physical fatigue.

Amino Acid Supplementation

Anyone can supplement with amino acids however, your body won’t necessarily use the extra amino acids to promote hair growth. Amino Acids have many other important uses,  consuming extra amino acids will help to promote hair growth, however other minerals and proteins are required in order to grow hair strands.

To stimulate hair growth requires an increase in blood supply to your hair follicles.  Providing your diet contains the right amount of minerals, proteins and amino acids, you will benefit more than simply adding amino acids to your diet.  To produce keratin, your body requires a combination of minerals, vitamins, proteins AND amino acids. Increasing your consumption of the amino acids that increase hair growth alone is not enough. You also need to increase your consumption of the supporting vitamins and minerals, protein AND amino acids.

PRP for Hair Loss and Amino Acids

PRP for Hair Loss is an effective way to improve the QUALITY and QUANTITY of blood supply to your thinning hair follicles.   Prior to a PRP treatment, we recommend patients follow our “Recipe for Success” smoothie for a minimum of 2 days prior to each PRP treatment (Ideally 5-7 days prior to each PRP treatment is preferred).

The “Recipe for Success” contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals and proteins that can assist with;

  1. ENHANCING the nutrients within your PRP, therefore making your PRP nutrient rich.
  2. PROMOTING faster hair growth
  3. PREVENTING and slowing down the rate of hair loss, shedding and thinning.
  4. ACTIVATE the growth phase for your hair follicles.