The article considers in detail such a useful device as an air purifier for an apartment: what kind of device to choose for a house, the types of existing structures, their classification, functional and technical features, advantages and disadvantages, a rating of the best models on the market, reviews and prices. The text contains useful recommendations for choosing a quality household appliance.

Clean air is the guarantee of the health of the whole family. Therefore it is essential to maintain the correct indoor microclimate

Air purifier for an apartment: what type of device to choose

Clean air in the room has a strong influence on the health of a person and the state of his health. Particularly sensitive to pollution are people suffering from allergic reactions and who have bronchial asthma. In such cases it will not be enough to buy a humidifier, the air purifier will be an excellent addition to it in the struggle for comfortable living conditions in an apartment or house. Visit for more on this.

Thanks to the right choice of air purifier, you can get rid of unpleasant allergy symptoms

Most devices are designed to combat popular home allergens:

Dust – dust particles in themselves do not pose a severe threat to humans. The danger lies in the mites, living in them, protein particles from domestic animals, spores of fungi and mold.

Pollen – pollen from plants enters the house through the windows. This type of allergen is a seasonal problem, but the consequences from this can last for almost a year.

Dandruff and pet hair – pet hair is also not dangerous to humans, the harmful effect came from protein, which is produced by the pet’s body and fixed on it.

Air purification is carried out through special filters that keep allergens inside the structure. Devices are classified according to their intended purpose and the type of filter installed inside. On sale, there are air purifiers without replaceable filters. They are less hygienic than devices with a replaceable filtration system, but they have a lower cost. You can explore your Luck on the high efficiency particulate absorber also.

The use of air purifiers is necessary for metropolitan cities and industrial centers

Note! It is not possible to remove all types of allergens from the air in a vigorous way. But high-quality devices cope with most of them. In stores, you can buy universal instruments, which include the function of moistening and purifying the air.

Air cleaners for apartments with plasma filters

At the heart of the cleaning process is a plasma filter. It forms an electrostatic field that attracts dust particles. This type of device is quite popular with consumers. The filter is a metal plate that is easy to clean and does not need to be replaced. It is enough to rinse them under running water.