There’s no shortage of weight loss advice on the Internet and lifestyle magazines. Some of them make scientific sense while most are practically based on science-based in fairy tales. The most practical advice when it comes to losing fat is and have always been to eat less and move more.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult these days to eat less because the food is easy to come by. All it takes is one phone call to place an order. Or just a simple opening of pre-packaged food is enough for dinner preparation. The problem is that, due to the convenience, this dinner’s worth of energy can be repeatedly eaten several times in a day.

And let’s not get started on moving more. Machines are not only taking our jobs but also small physical activities that used to use energy deposits.

However, it’s not a time to despair – there’s always a solution. Though some still don’t consider it to be mainstream.

The Good Old Liposuction

Without considering cosmetic procedures as a factor, it is, in fact, not possible to spot reduce noticeable amounts of fat. All those belly exercises are actually doing the opposite as it adds muscle mass to the layer of fat already in the area. But then again, more muscles aren’t such a bad thing.

This is where liposuction comes in. It’s the ultimate solution for stubborn fat deposits. Usually around the midsection. It’s been effective for its claims to fame, but it’s not really a surgery that everyone is willing to go for. Not even those who are immensely desperate to lose fat.

Slicing the skin open and sucking out fat isn’t exactly an assuring visualization. But that’s practically what happens during a liposuction. Not to mention that there are actually complications that even experts are keen enough to inform patients about.

Improved Liposuction Methods

These days, liposuction isn’t as bad as it used to be. With rapid advancements in medical research, better procedures, equipment, and anesthesia are now available.

Nevertheless, there are still complications and post-surgery effects that exist. Bruising is still a pretty common concern.

New liposuction methods take scarring concerns seriously, too.

Slim Liposuction

The popularity of vaser lipo Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is nothing surprising. While still technically a surgical procedure, it is minimally intrusive. With this in mind, it makes sense that people who are holding back from traditional liposuction are immediately taking advantage of this procedure.

Although there is still observable bruising after the procedure, it’s nothing compared to the level of recovery needed for traditional liposuction.

It’s easier to address stubborn fat with new liposuction methods.

Cool Therapy

Medical science is indeed astounding. There are now procedures that can affect the body in significantly positive ways yet are practically non-surgical in nature. Cold treatment, a procedure that uses extremely low temperature to kill off fat cells, is getting more and more popular.

The catch is that it’s not as good of an option when removing large amounts of fat deposits. A remove your double chin by talking to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, for example, makes more sense for a person who wants to remove a huge chunk of fat.

Cold treatment is ideal for people who only want to fine-tune a problem area. Like removing excess fat from the neck, for example.

Needless to say that, with any of these procedures, clients are advised to take advantage of consultations in order to avoid regrets in choosing a procedure that isn’t really the best for their needs.