Injuries could be of any type and kind. Most injuries would be radioactive illnesses caused due to exposure to harmful chemicals and radioactive substances. You should rest assured that such illnesses could be commonly seen in employees of the Department of Energy. The Department of Energy had several employees working on the 300+ sites across the nation during the cold war. As a result, these employees have been diagnosed with various kinds of illnesses and medical conditions. Such conditions would be fatal for some while some would still be fighting the lost battle against the cancerous diseases.

If you were eligible for energy employees occupational illness compensation program, you should rest assured to be given loads of benefits offered by the Department of Labor for the covered illnesses and medical conditions under the program. It would be pertinent to mention here that such programs have been designed specifically for the employees, contractors, and sub-contractors working under the Department of Energy. However, if you were not eligible to seek benefits under the EEOICPA, you should not fret, as a plethora of other programs would compensate you with various kinds of benefits to make your life comfortable.

The federal government has started several programs suitable for your specific needs and requirements for the benefits of the employees under the Department of Energy. The benefits would be inclusive of medical and non-medical services suitable for your specific needs. The EEOICPA benefits would offer you specific services whereby you could choose the trained and registered nurse or healthcare professionals.

You could also replace the already chosen registered nurse and healthcare professional with your choice of nurse and healthcare professional. It has been deemed of great importance that you should be prudent in your choice of nurse and healthcare professionals to enjoy the best services suitable to your comfort level.