Alcoholism is a condition characterized by alcohol dependence and alcohol abuse that means the drinker becomes excessively dependent on alcohol both psychologically and physically which leads to regularly heavy consumption of alcohol. Alcoholism is, unfortunately, also encouraged in our society by promoting sage words that alcohol in limited quantity promotes health. Wait a minute! Are you serious? There are so many healthy foods made available by Mother Nature that can give you a healthy body and mind and still so called health preachers vouch for alcohol intake. And then there are flashy and targeted lifestyle defining commercials by various alcohol brands.

Stages of Alcoholism

It is really important to have a better understanding of three stages of alcoholism to get rid of alcohol abuse and dependence.

  • Early Stage of Alcoholism:

Being the first stage of alcoholism, it is often go unnoticed by the drinkers and the people him. In this stage, the consumer of alcohol becomes a regular drinker and builds up tolerance for alcohol, which means the alcohol intake does not interfere with drinker’s activities outside or inside home. However, drinkers start showing early signs of withdrawal symptoms such as lack of concentration and thinking.

  • Middle Stage:

As the tolerance level to the alcohol is up by now, the drinker ups his alcohol intake to achieve intoxication and, unknowingly becomes dependent on alcohol. The drinker tries to justify that he is in control of his drinking habit, refusing to acknowledge that he is facing alcoholism, by making few rules of intake only to be broken frequently with regularly high alcohol consumption; somehow maintaining work-life balance which eventually starts deteriorating. Drinker faces conditions like black outs and waning comprehending abilities.

  • Late Stage of Alcoholism:

Alcohol overpowers the drinker as he becomes obsessed with drinking that takes a toll on normal behavior at home and outside. The drinker faces a lot of personal and financial issues as he spends most of the time drinking or finding ways to drink thereby completely ignoring his duties and responsibilities. This stage is characterized by serious withdrawal symptoms like hallucinations, frequent blackouts and tremors as well as emotional instability and deteriorating health condition.