It is very easy to get angry but very difficult to forgive.  This exactly emphasizes the power of forgiveness and how it could change the life of the forgiver and the Forgiven. Though it seems simple, it is indeed difficult to practice even with family and friends, not to mention how difficult it would be if someone asks you to follow forgiveness to the world.

Why is anger a sign of weakness?

Though anger is a negative emotion, you cannot deny the fact that it is helpful too.  therefore, anger cannot be categorized as good or bad, and could actually be termed good, if the anger propels you towards positive action. You can compare this to a knife. The knife in the hand of a criminal is meant for killing while in the hands of a surgeon, it saves a life. Similarly, when you are ready to forgive the one who hurt you, your life, as well as that of the Forgiven, would be better whereas, if you hold the grudge and resentment, your life would be stressful and the actions you take against the person who hurt you might turn his life into a hell. In such a case your anger becomes your biggest weakness.


Teachers and preachers in every religion advocate forgiveness and compassion. The forgiveness they advocate is not one in which you let the person who hurt you without punishing him, it is about to forgive him from the bottom of your heart.  They emphasize forgiveness and compassion devoid of resentment. This type of forgiveness would be unconditional to the extent that you will develop empathy and compassion towards the person you have Forgiven.

What does forgiveness mean?

 If you are to understand what forgiveness is, you should try and understand what cannot be considered as forgiveness.  Forgiveness does not mean

  • Excusing or pardoning the wrongdoing of a person
  • Telling the person he or she is Forgiven
  • That you have got to self-victimize yourself
  • That you have to reconnect or lose connection with the person you are forgiving

Last but not least, you must understand that forgiving is not what you are doing to the other person who has wronged you, but it is the best gift you are giving yourself because you would be free of remorse, resentment and adrenaline rush which is not always good that accompanies anger which is really going to hurt you.

What would forgiveness do for you?

Studies on the state of mind and emotions suggest that we would be able to access the alpha brain wave state which is really the higher level of consciousness. This clearly emphasizes why you should not hold on to grudge, resentment, blame hatred etc. These feelings would actually keep you wired to the anxiety and stress-laden beta brainwave state. It would not offer the freedom for you to move on to the alpha brainwave state.  Forgiveness, creativity, and meditation are considered to be very effective in alleviating anger, depression, and anxiety and access the higher level of consciousness progressively to reach the alpha brain wave state.

We may safely conclude that in the religion point of view as well as the scientific point of view forgiveness does open up the doors to greater levels of happiness and bliss which is worthier than holding on to anger and resentment which can be crippling to your physical and mental well-being.