You have looked at the sustainability of hydroponics and the high rate of growth that it offers and decided that it is a suitable venture to pursue. However, you are not clear about the correct system to get. The success of your indoor garden largely depends on the setup, so make sure it is appropriate. Indoor gardening systems come in different forms, and you have to settle on one that meets your requirements.


Here, you suspend the crops in the air and spray them with advanced nutrients using a nozzle. You can opt to use a pond fogger for the nutrients, in which case, a Teflon-coated disc is necessary. You can find a ready-made hydroponics system that saves you the trouble of setting it up.

Nutrient Film Technique

The NFT provides a continuous flow of nutrients to the roots through a drip-like installation. Shallow troughs are some of the hydroponics supplies you need for this system. Plants are kept in these containers where they have a thin film of nutrients to enrich them.

Deep Water Culture

Plants are in floating rafts that contain a nutrient solution. You then use sump tanks to deliver the solution, which runs slowly down the rafts to avoid disturbing the roots. This system offers good temperature stability. You will need air filters since you will be required to pump air into the water to ensure proper aeration of the roots.

Ebb and Flow

This system floods the growing area periodically then it drains the water slowly, which gives the plants space to absorb air. You will use a timer to program the flooding and draining. It is suitable for plants that can survive intervals of dryness.

What Works?

Before heading to a hydroponics store, figure out where to set up the system. What are the environmental factors of the facility? To which utilities do you have access? How much space do you have to work with? The location of your grow tents is also critical because it will influence aspects like the amount of light present.

The crops you intend to grow will matter as well. You must know the temperature requirements of the crops, among other things. If the plants demand a lot of light, you have to invest in enough grow light kits.

Of course, your budget will dictate which hydroponics system is most suitable. Some setups will demand more hydroponics supplies than others. Your spending capability will tell whether to get an automated system, how much labour you can hire and if to buy a prebuilt installation.