As an arthritis patient, you probably are keen on finding ways to relieve your arthritis pain to lead a healthy life. This is especially true since arthritis is marked by joint inflammation that results in pain and stiffness. 

Different kinds of arthritis and related conditions that impact muscles, joints, and bones can lead to issues like stiffness, pain, and swelling in the back. Although any part of the back can be affected by the condition, the lower part is mainly susceptible because it carries most of the body weight. Several types of arthritis primarily affect the spine. These include ankylosing spondylitis, psoriatic arthritis, reactive arthritis, juvenile spondyloarthropathy, osteoarthritis, enteropathic arthritis, sciatica, spinal stenosis, Paget’s disease of bone, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia rheumatic, infectious arthritis and osteoporosis.  

Relieving pain 

People use a wide variety of treatments and methods to try and alleviate arthritis pain. For instance, some will use anti-inflammatory painkillers and medications to reduce the pain; others will opt for the natural remedies in a bid to limit the side effects that are often associated with the traditional methods.

A natural approach to pain relief includes methods such as weight loss, exercise, hot and cold therapy, acupuncture, meditation, diet change, massage, herbal supplements, among other things. If you might want to consider the natural way, it is essential to consult with your caregiver first to avoid any potential issues. 

Other than that, there is another very effective way of managing arthritis pain; using Radiofrequency ablation (RFA). RFA is a process used to minimize discomfort. Its where an electric current generated by a radio wave is utilized to heat some section of the nerve tissue, consequently reducing pain signals from the specific area. This procedure is commonly used in patients with long-lasting (chronic) neck and back pain as well as pain related to joints degeneration due to arthritis. 

RFA in Boise is a safe and effective procedure for pain alleviation. It is also well-tolerated by many patients with only a few complications linked to it. Like with any process that involved an injection, RFA possesses a slight infection risk and bleeding at the site. The procedure ‘doesn’t treat the arthritis joint damage itself; instead, the way you experience the pain of the condition. It is useful as it numbs the sick joint by burning the painful joint nerves causing them to be inactive. Note that since the nerve can still grow back, the treatment ‘isn’t permanent and will wear off after a while. 

Radiofrequency ablation is an effective treatment for different types of arthritis in a small joint like the spine or large joint like the knee. It yields incredible outcomes for both knee and spinal osteoarthritis. RFA can also be utilized to treat inflammatory arthritis pain like rheumatoid arthritis. 

Other than the natural ways and use of RFA technique, you can also take NSAID and over-the-counter medication to ease the pain associated with the condition. Examples of these drugs include acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, and so on.