Pennsylvania is one of the most populated states in the US. With the high population, the region has high cases of death from high substance abuse. Opioids are common drugs in PA. It is no surprise the state leads in young adult deaths due to drug abuse. The arrival of Fentanyl onto the scene sealed many users fates.

The Port of Philadelphia is a primary entrance for illicit substance into the region. Cocaine, heroin, and marijuana are easily smuggled through the porous port. The state is one of the most exposed in the US to both local and international peddlers. The federal government, security agencies, and state governments have put up facilities that are aimed at eradicating this epidemic.

Alcoholism is also a huge problem in Montgomery and Chester counties (as it is in nearly all locations in the US) because of a large number of recreational facilities and its clubbing lifestyle.

Most of these cities saw cases of death increase due to overdose increase three-fold from last year. There are several alcohol treatment facilities across PA that cater for the needs of addicts and their loved ones. Here are some centers that can offer you professional services.

a.    Pennsylvania Recovery Organization and Alliance

PRO-A is an organization that offers recovery counseling to alcohol addicts. The center also provides sensitization to the public to eradicate substance abuse stigma. PRO-A is a refuge of hope to addicts and provides justice, and health tips to the addicts. The center has been in existence for the last two decades.  The organization is in collaboration with public and private agencies to mobilize the public to fight substance abuse and help addicts in their addiction recovery journey.

b.    York/Adams Drug & Alcohol Commission

This is a York-based organization whose aim is to serve those facing addiction problems live meaningful lives. The center assists addicts in the recovery process through counseling and economic empowerment. It also helps in fighting social stigma due to substance dependence.

YDAC is also responsible for evaluating, funding, administering, and recommending the local drug and substance abuse services. The facility also serves Adam County residents.

c.    Maryland Addiction Recovery Center

The facility provides counseling to addicts and their family members as well as follow-up services to those recovering. It creates a network of reformers to share their stories and help others in the journey to recovery. The institution covers the areas of Montgomery County, Chester County, among others. The organization also gathers statistical evidence of drug abuse in different states.

d.    Institute for Research, Education, and Training in Addiction

IRETA is a nationwide information provider in addiction. The institute offers training, research, and support to addicts and their loved ones to curb the menace of addiction. The facility also provides advice on health policies and intervention strategies to help addicts overcome.  The organization works hand in hand with service providers and criminal justice systems. They recommend facilities that fit a patient and resources to aid those affected.

Several organizations in the United States offer professional services to help addicts recover. The facilities aim at giving wholesome support for full and fast integration into the community. If you are hooked to substance abuse or know of someone, you can recommend these facilities.