Dementia has devastating effects on the individual with the disease and their loved ones. Their memory and motor skills slowly begin to diminish over time. This can heavily impact their ability to take care of themselves alone and may require you to seek out assisted living in Camarillo for them to ensure they receive the proper daily care that they need. However, you may experience heartbreak as their memory slowly begins to slip away and they can’t seem to recognize you at times. This article is designed to show the right ways to understand and care for your loved ones during these trying times.

Stay Positive

Staying positive when you are around your loved one who is experiencing dementia is one of the best things you can do to show your support. Your body language, tone, and attitude carry further than words do. Though they may not have the cognitive abilities that they once had, they still have the ability to read you. They may feel as if they have done something wrong if you approach them negatively. Give them the love and affection they need and remain patient with your loved one during this time to show support.

Use Simple Questions

Your loved one may not be able to answer open-ended questions or remember certain people due to dementia. This is why it is important to ask close-ended questions to allow them to give simple responses. Here are a few examples of some of these types of questions.

  • “Do you like watching TV?”
  • “Was your day good today?”
  • “Did you enjoy your meal?”

Close-ended questions can be answered with a simple yes or no. These allow your loved one to engage in conversation in the simplest way.

Respond With Affection

Always make sure to respond to your loved one with affection when they have been afflicted with dementia. Your loved ones may oftentimes feel anxious and confused when they have this terrible disease and can sometimes feel like the impact of the situation is their fault. Give them love and positive reassurance to let them know that you care for them.

Dementia can create a disastrous situation if left unchecked. If you feel as if your loved one may be showing the beginning signs of dementia, you will want to consider finding them assisted living in Camarillo to ensure that they will have the proper care that they need. Remember to have patience, show love, and find understanding in these trying times. Your loved one is precious to you and deserves