Neck problems and injuries can occur often and there are various reasons for it. The most common reason for neck pain is a muscle strain, poor posture, sleeping position, etc.  

But you can strengthen your neck by doing some common exercises and practicing certain healthy habits. As you grow old your body needs more attention because it will only get weaker with the time if you don’t take charge.  

This article will tell you best neck exercises to strengthen your neck.  

Chin Tuck:

Chin tuck is great and easy to do exercise. It will help strengthen your neck and even ease your neck pain.

Look straight ahead while sitting in an upright posture. Your ears should be directly above your shoulder and place your finger on your chin and pull the chin and your head straight and do it until you feel a stretch on your neck. Key is to do it without moving the finger. Do it as long as you can and then bring your chin back to your finger and repeat.  

Chin tuck will improve your posture and make your muscles strong. Do chin tucks at least three times a day.  

Cobra Yoga Pose:

Everyone is familiar with the cobra yoga pose; it also prescribes by doctors after neck injury treatment.

Start by lying on your belly on a yoga mat. Your legs should be extended behind and a good few inches apart. Hands should be placed under your shoulder and lift them with your upper body. Keep the pressure of your hands on the floor.  

Lift your body with your chest just before the stomach. Key is to keep your belly on the floor and slowly lift upward. If you move too fast it will only hurt your neck. Keep your gaze on the floor if you have neck pain and if you don’t keep your eyes up.  

Hold the position for 10-15 seconds and repeat it ten times at least. But make sure you are not causing yourself pain. If it is hard for you to do it as many times as possible at least once a day.  

Head Lift:

Another great exercise for your pain is ahead of life. Lie down on a yoga mat on your back. Keep your legs and hands straight and make sure your back is also straight. Once the position is set fold your legs slightly and keep your hands on your side. Slowly raise your head.  

The goal is to reach your chest with your chin. If you can’t do that’s fine. Just slowly raise your hand and take it back. Do this at least ten times.

These are the few exercises that will help your neck pain and keep it strong.