The best way to replace a meal is by a generally nutritious shake or a bar that acts as a substitute for a generally solid meal . The properties of these kinds of drinks, like the quantity of calories, vitamins and minerals, are strictly controlled for beneficial outcomes. These replacements can be used for a healthy weight loss routine as well as to save time from preparing food.


In the modern-day hullabaloo of life, where everyone is running after something , the most neglected is the intake of proper food at the right time. It is really difficult to eat  healthy and be in shape in a hectic schedule. Meal replacements are best to fall back on. It provides with all nutritional values, compared to that of a full solid meal. Calorie intake is reduced and the high proteins helps to regulate the energy to keep up with the busy life. Most of these replacement shakes  contain around 200 to 400 calories, proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber. As a result, these are the most convenient ways to be healthy and fit.

These portable drinks resist  the temptation to go for unhealthy packet foods when there is a shortage of time or when people are stressed. Processed foods,  full of sugar and carbs, can derail from a weight loss program. Cutting down on calories is the key to a weight loss schedule. But that often makes us hungry . Core meal replacements are the key to keeping us full for a longer period of time. Research shows that  these replacement drinks can be consumed twice a day, replacing two meals to speed up the weight loss program.


There are many brands offering replacement drinks or powders that can be added to drinks to provide important nutrients,  but it can never replace a healthy diet of solid foods completely. The properties of these drinks lack antioxidants, enzymes and different plant compounds. The potential problems of some of the replacements are that they contain chemical preservatives, syrup and artificial flavors. So it is very important to judge the ingredients before buying one. They are quick and attractive, but meal replacement can never be the ultimate solution. It requires patience where one needs to alternate their lifestyle to get a more beneficial result. If old eating habits resurface after achieving the goal of losing weight,  it is likely one will regain weight.