Yes, it is super cool to see your favorite actor smoking a cigarette in the most nonchalant way and still managing to look good. And when you try to imitate that it does no good to your health or even the society’s for that matter. Smoking even though considered fashionable is extremely injurious to health. A fact that is usually pointed out in the health advisories of any film or television show. All you need to do is pay attention to quit smoking tips. Tobacco smoke not only affects the smoker but also the people around him. It is passive smoking that is more dangerous than active smoking. All the smoke has to do is to enter your lungs and over time it can cause enough harm that will cost you your life.

However, some people still continue to do it, even in public spaces. Public smoking not only puts your life at risk but also the others around you. It can cause serious damage when done around an infant or a pregnant lady. And what harm does it cause, if you may ask? The smoke from a cigarette is cancerous, thereby exposing active smokers at constant risk of lung cancer. And it is not rocket science that cancer is a nearly incurable disease.

     In spite of all such warnings that are supposed to make people aware, there are many who still continue to smoke. Maybe out of laziness or a vicious cycle of addiction. However, there are many ways to get rid of such a habit. All one needs to do is to make a firm decision and inculcate either of the methods in their lives. There are multiple organizations that help people to get rid of their addiction. Most of these institutions are run by the government, thus making it a cost-efficient choice.

There are 24/7 de-addiction helplines who are just one call away from making your life a bit better. Other methods of quitting include nicotine gums which have proved to be very effective. Even though sometimes it can be difficult for a quitting smoker to deal with the withdrawal symptoms one needs to know that it is not impossible. One should also stay away from all those things that trigger one to smoke. It could be the company of other smokers or even a stressful situation. All the person has to do is to replace such triggers with something else. Most smokers prefer to light up after a meal. The remedy is to substitute this time with something healthy, such as a piece of chocolate or fruit. To make the entire process more effective one can always set rewards for oneself. This can serve as a motivation to quit easily.

      Many people who have left smoking for good share their experience and encourage others to do the same. They have realized the drastic change that a single act of theirs has caused. No one likes to live in a world that is full of toxic smoke. It is unhealthy and obviously unwanted. Hence quit smoking today and make a change to live a better and fuller life.