A codependent relationship is one in which one partner puts the emotional pressure on the other to fulfill his/her addiction. There are two people mainly involved in codependent relationship, one is manipulator and the other one is the enabler.

Manipulator is the person who is indulged in addiction and the enabler is the person who intentionally or unintentionally enables the manipulator to behave the same. An addicted person does everything to get what they want which always make their situation worse. Slowly they start becoming dependent on others for their addiction.

You need to consult a professional intervention services company so that you can find the best solution for the loved ones. The only possible way of recovering from the codependent relationship is that one of the persons admits that something is wrong be it the manipulator or the enabler. You can take codependency quiz to know about the signs of codependence relationship.

Signs of Codependent Relationship

  • The very first thing in codependent relationship is that we put our best efforts to make our partner feel happy irrespective of the right or wrong. This is the very first sign if you are not thinking anything about the right or wrong just to have them in your life this is the codependent relationship.
  • If your partner is facing the problem in life due to alcohol, drugs or any other addiction the, you must not cover up their problems. This is the time when you suggest them to lead the life without any addiction and make them understand that addiction can ruin the purpose of their life.
  • If you are unable to say them no for the wrong things then this is the biggest sign that you are in a codependent relationship. You must be a bit strict towards them if they have addiction for something.

These are some of the signatures traits of codependent relationship.