An industry which requires perfection at every step needs a lot of precautions and care at all times. Not only do the people performing the procedures need to be meticulous, but procedures should also be well defined and detailed with no room for error. In addition, the equipment, tools and machinery used for these should also be sterile and working in perfect order. In the modern age, we have perfected a lot of procedures being performed in the medical industry with extremely well-trained professionals doing so. The small yet critical part does lie with the equipment which should also be perfect.

Sterilization for small equipment and tools

Dealing with patients of different ailments is a part of the daily routine of a doctor. Whether it is a dentist, who uses the tools for checking the inside of a person’s teeth or a surgeon who uses the tool to operate on someone, all these tools should be well sterilized. There are sterilization trays for surgical instruments available in the market which does just that. These could be plastic or metal depending upon the type of equipment to be sterilized and use steam for the process.

Sterilization for large machinery

Large machinery such as CT Scan, MRI machines also have a lot of germs that they accumulate in the process of helping the doctor diagnose patient’s problems. These also need to be sterilized frequently and preferably after each use so as to avoid the spread of diseases. These are typically disinfected using special solutions with alcohol, a post which they are steam cleaned to ensure a germ-free environment. Other methods of disinfection include radiation, dry heat or wet heat which is done depending upon the type of equipment. Chemical methods of sterilization are typically done in conjunction with the physical methods so as not to leave anything to chance.