There have always been strict regulations of electronic cigarettes but this is not warranted on the present evidence, as per what researchers have to say. On the other hand, letting the electronic cigarettes to work in tandem with the traditional cigarettes may cut down on the illnesses and deaths that are related to smoking tobacco cigarettes. The researchers even said that post reviewing 81 prior studies on the safety and use of other devices which emit nicotine.

While there are trustworthy online sources like e liquids from from which you can buy the best e-liquids, it is always better to know how e-liquids are safer and healthier than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Check out the few benefits.

#1: Helps you save money

You may not be aware of this but it is a fact that electronic cigarettes are much less costly than the everyday cost that you spend behind smoking traditional cigarette. The tobacco cigarettes which you buy cost you around $7 to $19 as according to the place where you live. On the other hand, an e-cig cartridge is equivalent to an entire pack and it just costs you $2. This means a savings of $4 to $9 on each pack. You can save more money by utilizing e-liquids and by filling in the cartridges on your own.

#2: You will tend to smoke less

Whenever you smoke a tobacco cigarette, you will feel obliged or interested in smoking the full cigarette. But in case of electronic cigarettes, you can just take a few puffs and then keep it away for the next time. This will naturally mean less smoking and this is also less harmful for your health. Moreover, the e-cig will just not sit on the ashtray making you feel as if you’re burning all the money whenever you aren’t using it.

#3: No smell of smoke and you can stay in a cleaner environment

As there will be no smoke, this will mean that there won’t be any smell in your clothes, hair, fingers or breath. You can easily use the e-cigs while you’re seated inside the car or inside your house or on the roads. You just breathe in vapor when you smoke e-cigs. As they’re not lit up, they don’t have a heated up end and they won’t feel uncomfortable to hold.

So, now that you know the ways in which e-liquids are better than smoke, what are you waiting for? Get your vape pen from the nearest store and ditch smoking.