Most of the times, bathroom safety is overlooked in your everyday lives, but safety measures in your bathroom are crucial for different reasons like:

  • For providing a secure surrounding for disabled or elderly patients.
  • For preventing slip and fall occurrences.
  • For creating a risk-free area meant for seniors for performing their regular routines.
  • For aiding a patient in maintaining stability and balance.

A commode is viewed as a bedside chair or toilet which is intended to facilitate regular routines for seniors, people suffering from poor health conditions who are recuperating from operations or injuries, or people with disabilities. A bedside commode aids an adult to avert the worsening of his condition who finds it really tough to get to the bathroom himself/herself with a sufficient amount of time.

Bedside commodes don’t use running water. They resemble a chair with one toilet seat and have a container or bucket underneath. You can remove the container for cleaning post the use of the commode. The commode can have wheels and they make it easier for it to be rolled away when it’s not required. However, the wheels should be locked at times, when the person isn’t using the commode. The majority of the commode chairs come with flip-back armrests and a removable pail. For more information on commode chairs, visit

Types of commode chairs

Portable commodes meant for bedrooms are found in various types and sizes for meeting various needs. The items are offered with adjustable legs for maximum support. The five types of bedside commode choices are:

  • Drop arm commodes – You can easily transfer bedside commodes when they get tooled up with drop arms. Luckily, most commodes possess this option.
  • Folding commodes – The folding characteristic turns up the bedside commode from one room to another more convenient. You can easily fold the portable commodes and it makes it appropriate to travel or taking it while you go somewhere.
  • Padded commodes – Padding turns highly comfortable for patients and you can clean it easily. While buying padded commodes, you will not be needed to purchase additional accessories and make your seat more comfortable.
  • Bariatric or heavy-duty commodes – For proposing sturdy comfort and support for every client, you can get bariatric bedside commodes equipped with adjustable legs and they can carry a load up to 450 lbs.
  • Commode pails – These pails are sold separately. A pail holds seven quarts and is found with a splash guard and a lid.

Cleaning your commode

A bedside commode turns as a vital thing to have at times when your loved one becomes unsuccessful in using a usual bathroom. These commodes are created from materials which are easy to sanitize as well as clean. The bottom bowl does slide out for easing in cleaning and emptying. The majority of the bedside commodes fit into a usual shower stall for convenient washing. A small amount of disinfectant cleaner and vinegar will have your bedside commode prepared for its subsequent use in short order. The main thing is cleaning this kind of device takes only half-an-hour. When you wish to have detailed knowledge about bathroom commodes, log on to