Butt augmentation is the process by which the butt is injected with some substances to make it larger. Brazilian Butt Lift is the only way approved by FDA. In this method, fat from other parts of the body is removed by liposuction and then transferred to the hips and butts to make a curvy silhouette. A SCOOP Lift is used to remove broken fat cells and centrifuge them before they are sent to the butt. By this method, a lesser amount of fat cells gets rejected during the transfer.

Other substances injected in the butt

Collagen and silicone are injected in the butt as fillers, but FDA does not approve them. Therefore, there might be serious consequences if you butt life with any substances which are not FDA-approved. You can have side effects like permanent disfigurement, severe pain, or can die.

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Why is Brazilian Butt Lift different from butt implants?

In butt implants, there is a higher number of complication rate as there is a risk of incision rupture. In butt implants, butt cracks are used for inserting implants. In this type of implants, the only volume is added, and no reshaping is done. If a person has a butt of square looks, and he or she goes for the surgery, they will come out with a huge square looking butt. Whereas in Brazilian Butt Lift, encase in an implant doesn’t take place., so the butt and hip take a complete reshaping. The butt will also feel softer. After butt implant, it feels like a tightened muscle.

Does the fat move to other parts as well?

In BBL Brazilian Butt Lift also , the butt fat cannot move to any other place once the procedure is complete. Though, around 20 to 25 percent of the fat will get rejected by own body, transfers into oil, and will get out of the body via urine in around six weeks.