When a person donates their organ or tissues to another person, it’s commonly known as an organ and tissue donation. This happens when a person has damaged organs or tissues that need to be replaced through a medical procedure called a Transplant.

The person who donates is referred to as the donor and the person who receives it is called as a recipient. Nowadays, the importance of organ and tissue donation helps people in a great way to save their life. Hence, this procedure is called as a life-saving transplant and this shows the humanity of people in the society.

Organ donation

An individual who suffers from heart, kidney, lung or liver failure can undergo this organ transplant. Organ donation is the gift of life as you can help save people. Also, it’s a thoughtful decision for every individual life. The organs that can be donated are

  • Heart
  • kidney
  • Lungs
  • Liver
  • Intestine
  • Pancreas

Tissue donation

The tissue donation greatly helps improve the recipient’s life. This will be more helpful to repair genetic defects, illness, and injuries. The tissue donation benefits more in life-threatening burns and to rebuild joints. The tissues that can be donated are:

  • Heart tissue
  • Eyes
  • Skin
  • Bone
  • Tendons

When a person becomes a donor after death, it’s named as a deceased donation. If a person donates an organ to another person while alive, it’s termed as a living donation.

Important Facts about Organ and Tissue Donation

Saving Lives

In this World, there are thousands of people waiting for an organ and tissue donation. One donor can save up to eight lives and improve the lives of more than 50 people.

Anyone can be a donor

You can become a donor without any limitations like young, old, small or large, ill or healthy. So, you always have the chance to donate an organ or tissue, no matter who you are.

The donation provides family consolation

If any person passes away due to any problem, you can donate your organ and help their family with consolation. You can also connect with their family by saving a life.

Donation doesn’t take much time

If a donor is dead, the donation process will not delay the burial. It only takes a half a day or one day depending on the organ or tissue that needs to be donated.

A positive view of organ donation

In these days, most religions accept and approve of organ donations. The supporters believe that it’s important to save the life of sick people. Still, there is a negative thought about donations that still happens.

Moreover, anyone can be a donor but a minor should have permission from their parents or guardian consent before becoming a donor. The donor should not have any dangerous diseases like cancer, AIDS/HIV or any severe infection. Doctors undergo some tests and evaluation with the donors before the process begins.

Some complication in organ and tissue donation is that donor should possess similar blood and tissue type or match with the recipient’s body.

Thus, these are the things to know about organ and tissue donation. Donate Organ or Tissue and Save Lives!