People with joint problems or illnesses like arthritis tend to think that the fewer movements they make, the better it is since they do not provoke pain. Making unnecessary movements can indeed be very painful, but there is a better way of dealing with this. Doing the right exercises to ease joint stiffness, pain and swelling is beneficial.

All health and fitness experts tend to agree that this is a delicate process that requires close supervision by an expert. If not, the person engaging in these exercises should have the right information about which exercises to perform and to what extent the exercises should be carried out.

Luckily, we have prepared some of the best exercises that help to ease joint stiffness. Follow closely to learn more.


As you swim in the water, your entire body is strengthened by the resistance of the water and the moves you make. It is also an incredible way to cool off any painful or stiff joints. Swimming for long hours can be exhausting for a person with arthritis. Therefore, it should be done in moderation. When possible, involve a personal swimming trainer to monitor the progress.

Jogging or Walking

This is another way to improve joint pain and stiffness. The first days of this workout routine should only include a short walk in the park and back home. As the joints improve, you can walk briskly and eventually jog. The secret to doing this is wearing the right gear. Supportive shoes and flexible joint braces for all the protection that you need are essential. Over time, the joints will get better and heal.

Strength Training

Although some people think that strength training is too much for the joints to handle, it is one of the best moves to make. Strength training for a person with joint problems involves light weightlifting and increasing this weight as the muscles get stronger. It may also involve performing different types of presses with light to medium resistance. To boost your capability in doing this, you can check for the best supplements and steroids at the Steroids-evolution shop. However, some strong steroids can worsen your situation if they are misused.


This is one of the best exercises that will stretch your muscles and the joints to ease the stiffness. Yoga moves differ depending on the goals you want to achieve. For now, your interest should be on the less complicated moves that still target the joints that are affected. The mental benefits also increase the natural healing power through the positive impact on the nervous system. If possible, find a variety of yoga lessons on DVD or stream them directly on your TV to enjoy yoga at home.


As you cycle, the joints in the lower body benefit more significantly. Luckily, cycling either on a smooth road or using a cycling machine in a fitness center reduces the impact on your joints but exercises them well. It is recommended to engage in moderate cycling on a flat road to avoid too much strain. If possible, you can use an elliptical trainer, which engages both the lower and upper body.