Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient required for several body processes. It is a water-soluble vitamin. Unlike oil-soluble vitamin water-soluble vitamin does not get settled in the body. As vitamin B12 is water-soluble, the human body releases the extra amount via urine after absorbing the daily required portion. It does not have an upper intake as it is water-soluble.

Vitamin B12 is needed by several functions of our body like digestion, circulation, brain function, etc. to list a few. Intake of vitamin B12 can be done through various sources like food products, injections or transdermal patch.

What is Vitamin B12 Transdermal Patch?

Vitamin B12 transdermal patch is attached to the skin. It helps to absorb vitamin B12 without the use of oral supplementation or the shots of vitamin B12. Over a period of time, the vitamin B12 gets absorbed from the patch. The transdermal patch is one of the best alternative solutions to take vitamin B12 if a person is not comfortable using injection or pill. It is to be used very carefully to absorb the nutrient instilled in the patch.

How to apply the patch

Open the package carefully to avoid tearing the patch. Take the patch out carefully from within the pack. Remove the protective liner on the patch. Avoid touching the sticky side of the patch. First, peel one part of the protective liner and place the sticky part on the skin. Peel off the other part and press the patch to the skin.

The patch should be used on the skin which does not have a lot of hair so that the patch can be attached smoothly. It should not be used on the area having a cut, shaved or skin having open sores. It should be applied on the dry skin if the patch starts loosening press the patch back on the skin. If it has fallen completely, do not reapply the same.