When deciding to go forward with a breast augmentation, there are unalienable facts that should be on your toes. It is never advisable to undergo a process that you lack information as far as it is concerned. We have researched well and presented what you should know about this surgical process. Here are some of the facts.

Facts about Breast augmentation

This is the process of enlarging breasts through the insertion of silicone implants or saline. The implants are interleaved behind the chest or breast tissues. The best candidates for breast augmentation are those interested in enlarging their breasts and wish to have additional symmetries on their body shape. Possibly, these individuals may have lost breast volume due to pregnancy or weight loss.

The process of breast augmentation is associated with some risks, just like any other surgical process. Some of the risks include scarring, infections, skin wrinkling on the implant sites, implant rupture, and breast pain, among other risks. The procedure of breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia. The implants on the breasts are not guaranteed to last permanently. Thus, when deciding to go forward with a breast augmentation, be prepared to undergo related surgical procedures aimed at correcting implant tissues.

Breast augmentation is accessible easily, and as such, it is recommendable to hire a certified surgeon to perform your procedure for better results. The initial recovery for breast augmentation may take up to one week; however, long term recovery may take up several weeks. After a successful breast augmentation, follow up appointments are necessary meant for checking your healing and assess the breasts for possible complications and scarring.

The cost of breast augmentation may run up to a minimum of $3790. This amount does not include implant themselves, anesthesia fee, facility fee, peripheral expenses such as garments, prescriptions, and lab work tests. The breast augmentation procedure is considered an elective cosmetic procedure, and as such, no insurance cover guaranteed. The additional costs regarding the process are never as well covered by insurance.

Breast implants are projected to last longer but not forever. As such, you may undergo other future surgeries aimed at correcting the tissues and complications such as implant rupture. The process of breast augmentation can be reversed following bad experiences of healing and implant complications.

After a successful breast augmentation procedure, the surgeon will advise you bandages that compress the breasts and a sports bra that will support you during the recovery period. Besides, they may prescribe appropriate medication in case you experience pain. Further, you will be advised when appropriate to return to your regular duties and recreational activities. Most people return to working life after a few days. However, not all depending on the recovery period. If you engage more in manual work, you may be required to take a longer time for effective healing.

You must, as such, avoid strenuous physical activities for a minimum of 2 weeks. For invasive surgeries, please avoid raising your pulse rate and blood pressure and of course, too many movements that may become the source of pain to your breasts.

When preparing for a breast augmentation procedure, be sure of following surgeon instructions. Some of the instruction may include not to eat or drink a night prior to your surgery. In weeks before, must avoid smoking as smoking raises risks and complications levels, restrict normal blood flow prolonging recovery time. Smoking lowers your body immunity, thus raising risks of developing infections.

Breast augmentation procedure is complex; therefore, as a sensitive patient, you need to understand and have relevant information as far as it is concerned. I hope this article will be helpful to you.

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