If you’ve scheduled a consultation with a cosmetic clinic or two to discuss treatment options, you may have noticed that there can be quite a price discrepancy between clinics and treatments.

Pricing is such a tricky topic but it is important to understand why prices tend to differ between treatments and clinics.

Reasons for Cosmetic Treatment Price Differences

Doctors are not present for treatments

In an attempt to save costs, many cosmetic clinics hire nurses instead of doctors to administer injectable treatments. This is not to say that nurses can’t safely and effectively administer these types of treatments but a qualified doctor should always be present during the consultation and accessible during the treatment should any complications arise. Make a point of asking who will be administering your treatments before you go ahead.

Product quantity makes a difference to the price

Everyone will have different dosage requirements so find out how much product will be injected into the different areas of your face for the best results. Some clinics prefer to inject more while others tend to start with less until they can gauge how the patient’s body and skin react to the treatment. In general, 20 units is considered a good average for areas such as the forehead and the area around the eyes.

Product quality contributes to price differences too

epiclinic is specialised in dermal fillers and will only ever use the best quality products during their treatments. However, this isn’t always the case at other cosmetic clinics. In an effort to offer competitive prices, some clinics opt to use lower-quality products for their injectable treatments. Using a lower-quality product also means that more treatments will be required to achieve the desired result, which isn’t ideal. Since it’s illegal to mention brand names online, you will need to discuss product options with your doctor so that you can make an informed decision from there. A reputable doctor will take you through all of your options and will never talk you into a specific brand or treatment.

Products being used are illegal

Unfortunately, there are also cases where cosmetic clinics use illegally-imported products that are not regulated and have not been approved by the government. These products can be incredibly dangerous and can lead to severe side effects such as facial infections that can cause permanent damage. Once you start consulting with cosmetic clinics, you will quickly get a better idea of the product options that are used by clinics and be able to identify potentially illegal products too.

Injectable treatments can provide amazing results but only if a safe, high-quality product is administered correctly by a trained professional. Never choose a clinic based on price alone, rather take the time to do your research and to meet with at least two doctors before you make a decision – your health, safety and wellbeing all depend on it.