Rogaine has been proven to treat hair loss and promote hair growth and also effectively slow down the process of balding. But do you know which version of the product is better, the liquid or foam?

There are 6 points to be considered while comparing minoxidil foam vs liquid:

  1. Price: the liquid minoxidil is cheaper than the foam. The difference in price point between the two might be very narrow, but there have been instances where people have confirmed that more foam was required to get desired coverage whereas a little bit of the liquid was enough to do the same. Since the foam does not arrive with a dropper, he stipulated dosage measurement is difficult.
  2. Application: the foam is easier to apply because it is not messy like the liquid. Although the application of liquid is not that difficult either when compared.
  3. Convenience: the foam dries faster and is easier to use. It fits comfortably in bags and is ideal for travel. It becomes indispensible like described in the company website.
  4. Utility: the liquid is considered to be greasy while the foam does not have such drawbacks. It is witnessed that some users use the minoxidil liquid as hair styling products although when it comes to basics, the foam gets precedence.
  5. Side effect: Glycol is the delivery agent for liquid minoxidil. It is also know to have caused several skin diseases like redness and contact dermatitis. Minoxidil foam is known to have caused lesser side effects in comparison. It should be kept in mind that both the products have produced very rare side effects which were rather isolated.
  6. Effectiveness: the Minoxidil liquid has seen more success stories. But the margin is very less.

Thus both the products have their positives and drawbacks in minoxidil foam vs liquid comparison. Dermatological products depend on the severity of the case and skin conditions.